BIOGRAPHY - Olof Bartelson

OLOF PETER BARTELSON is one of the early Swedish settlers in Ford county, coming here in 1868 from Doderhult parish, Smaland, where he was born June 17, 1838. Upon his arrival in America he settled in Dix township, where he has resided ever since, with the exception of six years spent in Drummer township. His father, Bartel Olson, born in February, 1806, died in Dix township in 1894 at the high age of eighty-eight, and his mother passed away the same year the family reached America. Bartel Olson was the first Swedish settler in Gibson City. Mr. Bartelson's occupation is that of a farmer. With his family he belongs to the Swedish Lutheran Church of Farmersville, where he has been a trustee for some fifteen years.
Mr. Bartelson was married in 1864 at Hvena parish, Smaland, to Carolina Christina Anderson, daughter of Nils Peter Anderson, a farmer at Ostra Hult. Mrs. Bartelson died in 1897, leaving her husband and five children, John Emil, Selma Othilia, Hilma Fredoria, Ephraim Teodor, Ernst Arthur Emanuel, three of their children, Amanda Sophia, Victor Edward and Otto Sigfrid, having died before her. John Emil Bartelson was married April 15, 1903, to Othilia Nelson from Gammalstorp parish, Blekinge, Sweden; Selma Othilia Bartelson in 1898 married C. L. Anderson of Champaign county, and Hilma Fredoria Bartelson married Cornell Oleson of Sibley, Ford county, Feb. 14, 1900.

Extracted 28 Jan 2017 by Norma Hass from History of Swedes of Illinois, published in 1908, Volume 2, page 181.

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