Patrick Gallahue dates his residence in Ford county from 1869. He was a lad of seven years at the time of his arrival here in company with his parents, Peter and Julia (A'Hern) Gallahue, who were natives of the Emerald Isle and came to America in 1851, settling first in the state of New York. There they lived for a year, after which they took up their abode in Pennsylvania and a year later, in 1854, they became residents of La Salle county, Illinois. Settling upon a rented farm, the father there continued to carry on general agricultural pursuits for several years or until 1869, when he brought his family to Ford county and purchased land, upon which he lived until 1892, when he moved to Piper City, where he died April 26, 1898. He was one of the enterprising, well known and respected farmers of this part of the state. Unto him and his wife were born nine children, of whom four are yet living namely: Ellen, who resides in Piper City; Thomas, who makes his home in Pella township; Patrick, of this review; and Katie, the wife of Patrick O'Mara.
Patrick Gallahue was born in La Salle county on the 10th of July, 1862. He early became familiar with all the work of the farm as he assisted his father in tilling the fields from the time of early spring planting until the crops were harvested in the late autumn. He continued upon the home farm until twenty-six years of age and then rented the old homestead property, while now he has two hundred acres on section 24, Pella township, which is a part of the old homestead. His education was acquired in the common schools and in the school of experience he has learned many valuable lessons. In his farm work he has been energetic and diligent, realizing that upon these qualities the most substantial success is builded. His farm is well developed, giving evidence of his care and supervision in the neat appearance of the fields and the improvements upon the place.
In 1891 Mr. Gallahue was married to Miss Ella Russel, who was born in this county in 1862 and is a daughter of Patrick and Mary Russel, who were natives of Ireland. They came to America in 1856, settling first in Chicago, Illinois, where the father worked as porter in a hotel for four years. He then came to Ford county in the fall of 1859, casting in his lot with the early settlers who were reclaiming a wild region for the purpose of civilization. At that time deer were seen on the prairies in great herds and much small game was to be had in abundance. Mr. Russel has lived here continuously since but his wife died in 1893, leaving a family of four children to mourn her loss. Unto Mr. and Mrs. Russel were born seven children, as follows: James, deceased; Maggie, who has also passed away; Mrs. Gallahue; John and Joseph, both of whom reside in Lyman township; and William and Katie, who have departed this life. The father is now living a retired life, making his home with Mr. and Mrs. Gallahue. He owns three hundred and twenty acres of land in Lyman township and likewise a tract of forty acres in Pella township. His property has all been acquired since coming to this county and is proof of the life of industry and enterprise which he has led. His political allegiance is given to the democracy and in his younger days he took an active part in politics. He was called to serve in a number of local offices and discharged his duties with a promptness and fidelity that won him both commendation. As one of the worthy pioneers he well deserves mention in this volume, having for almost a half century lived in this county and therefore witnessed the greater part of its growth, while in the work of development and upbuilding lie has borne his full share.
The home of Mr. and Mrs. Gallahue was blessed with seven children: Peter J.; John P.; James T.; Mary and Margaret, deceased; Edward; and Ellen. Mr. Gallahue gives his political allegiance to the democracy, of which he is a stalwart champion, and he is now serving as drainage commissioner for the pan handle district. He and his wife are members of the Catholic church and are greatly esteemed in the community where they reside. Mrs. Gallahue taught school for ten years before her marriage and is a lady of culture and refinement. Both Mr. and Mrs. Gallahue enjoy in large measure the friendship and regard of those who know them and it is with pleasure that we present the record of their lives to our readers.

Extracted 16 Oct 2016 by Norma Hass from History of Ford County, Illinois, From Its Earliest Settlement to 1908, author E. A. Gardner, Volume 2, pages 562-564.

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