BIOGRAPHY - John Helmer

JOHN F. G. HELMER, druggist and bookseller, was born at Hjertsbo, Tvered parish, Vestergotland, Sweden, Nov. 14, 1849, and educated at the Grenna pedagogy and the higher elementary school of Jonkoping, 1863-67. In the latter year he came over to America, settling in Paxton, where he has lived ever since. Since 1887, he is the proprietor of a prosperous drug business. Prior to that he worked on various farms in the 60s, then as clerk for S. D. Cooper, druggist at Paxton. Mr. Helmer is an active member of the Swedish Lutheran Church since 1869 and has served for a number of years as one of the trustees and as treasurer of that board, also as secretary of the congregation. He was clerk of the Paxton Camp of the Modern Woodmen from 1886 to 1902, and is a member of other orders, viz., the Knights of Pythias, Yeoman of America, Odd Fellows and Court of Honor.
In 1876 Mr. Helmer was elected Coroner of Ford county and reelected two years later. In 1880 he was appointed Deputy Circuit Court Clerk and Recorder, serving nearly four years. In 1884 he was elected Circuit Court Clerk and Recorder and reelected in 1888, serving eight years in all. In later years he has served as vice-president of the Carnegie Library of Paxton. Besides Mr. Helmer has filled sundry minor positions of honor and trust not here mentioned.
June 4, 1879, Mr. Helmer was married to Augusta W. Fredrickson, who was born Oct. 1, 1857, at Skymmelsas, Grenna, Smaland. Two children have been born to them, viz., a daughter, Cora Otelia, in 1880, deceased, and a son Ralph Anton, in 1885.

Extracted 28 Jan 2017 by Norma Hass from History of Swedes of Illinois, published in 1908, Volume 2, pages 186-187.

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