Harm Henrichs is the owner of an excellent farm of one hundred and sixty acres which has doubled in price since it came into his possession, owing largely to the improvement he has placed upon it and his enterprising efforts in its cultivation. He was born in Hanover, Germany, August 6, 1844, his parents being Oldig and Elsie (Siebelts) Henrichs. The father was a farmer in Germany and in the family there were three sons: Malchert, who is now cultivating the old home farm; Harm, of this review; and Detert, also of Hanover.
Harm Henrichs acquired his education in the common schools of his native country, where he remained until thirty-two years of age. He came to America in the spring of 1886, settling first in Paxton, Illinois, and for one year he worked on the farm of his brother-in-law. In 1887 he removed to Ford township, where he rented land from H. Ashley, cultivating this from 1878 until 1901. In 1900 he purchased his present property, comprising one hundred and sixty acres in Sullivant township. Some improvements had been made upon it but he has further carried forward the work of development and improvement until the farm for which he paid seventy-five dollars per acre is today worth twice that amount. Everything about his place is indicative of his careful supervision and practical methods. He has studied the conditions of the soil and the demands of plant life in the matter of food and through the rotation of crops he keeps the soil in excellent condition. His life has been one of untiring industry and his perseverance has resulted in his success.
Mr. Henrichs was married in Germany in 1883 to Miss Annie Henrichs, who though of the same name was not a relative. Her parents were Professor Johann and Annie (Cramer) Henrichs. The father came first to America, landing in the fall of 1886, and in October of the same year Mrs. Annie Henrichs also came. Their family numbered five children: Elizabeth, the wife of C. Brethorst, of Peoria, Illinois; Henry, who resides in Sullivant township; Martha, the wife of P. Brethorst; John, who resides in Chariton county, Missouri; and Annie, now Mrs. Henrichs. Professor Henrichs died in 1899 and his wife passed away forty-eight hours before. Both died in Germany. The father of our subject, however, still survives, at the venerable age of eightyeight years but the mother passed away in 1902, at the age of sixty-nine. Unto Mr. and Mrs. Harm Henrichs have been born nine children, namely: Otto, who is employed in the Sibley Bank; Ella, the wife of William Brucker, a resident of Sullivant township; Elizabeth; Margaret; John; Vena; Herman; Mildred; and Arnold.
The parents are members of the German Lutheran church and are loyal to its teachings and their professions. The record which Mr. Henrichs has made in the business world is a creditable one, for he came to America emptyhanded, his substantial qualities of energy and enterprise, however, constituting an excellent foundation upon which to build success and as time has passed he has so directed his labors that he is now the owner of an excellent farm returning him a good yearly income.

Extracted 19 Oct 2016 by Norma Hass from History of Ford County, Illinois, From Its Earliest Settlement to 1908, author E. A. Gardner, Volume 1, pages 381-382.

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