W. S. Huston, an enterprising farmer living on section 17, Drummer township, dates his residence in Ford county since 1876 and in Illinois since 1868. He is a son of John and Martha Huston, residents of Chester county, Pennsylvania. The family was founded in America during the colonial epoch in the history of the country, being of Scotch origin. At the time of the Revolutionary war John Huston joined the colonial army and was with Washington at Brandywine.
W. S. Huston was born in Chester county, Pennsylvania, February 1, 1849, and supplemented his common-school education by an academic course. Thinking to find better business opportunities in the middle west, he left home at the age of nineteen years and went to Putnam county, Illinois, where he arrived in 1868. There he cultivated rented land until his labors brought him sufficient capital to enable him to purchase eighty acres in Grundy county. There he resided until 1876, when he came to Ford county and bought one hundred and sixty acres. To this he afterward added another quarter section. His land, which is now very valuable, was purchased at thirty-five, fifty-five and seventy-five dollars per acre. The farm is devoted to general agricultural pursuits and in addition to the cultivation of the fields, which have been brought to a high state of fertility, he also raises some thoroughbred stock.
Mr. Huston has been married twice. He first wedded Miss Mary Foley in 1874 and six years later she passed away, leaving two sons. In 1899 Mr. Huston was again married, his second union being with Miss E. D. Charlton, a daughter of Thomas Charlton, of Chester, Pennsylvania, and they have one daughter.
Mr. Huston is a republican, active in the local ranks of the party, for he believes firmly in its principles. He has served as school director but otherwise has filled no public offices, preferring to devote his time and energies to his business affairs, which have brought him well merited success. He is a member of the Masonic fraternity and of the Presbyterian church, associations which are a clear indication of the principles which govern his life and guide his conduct in his relations with his fellowmen.

Extracted 17 Oct 2016 by Norma Hass from History of Ford County, Illinois, From Its Earliest Settlement to 1908, author E. A. Gardner, Volume 2, pages 755-756.

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