1915 Disciples of Christ

Organized 1872, by G. W. Campbell; present membership, 430; value of property, including parsonage, $27,500; Bible school enrollment, 448.

There was occasional preaching for three years in neighboring schoolhouses and the town previous to the organization of the church.

There were nineteen charter members. H. N. Karr and A. E. Pirkey were the first elders, with Andrew Jordan, John Dillingham, A. Canterbury and J. B. Lott, the first deacons. For six years the meetings were held in Union Hall and the church was served by Mins. Clark Braden, W. S. Campbell, F. Collins, J. F. Smith and Samuel Lowe.

By reason of the death of Mr. Lott and financial reverses of Mr. Jordon, the principal financial supports, the congregation ceased to meet. This was in 1880. For ten years following, the local C. W. B. M. kept going. So in 1890 the State Board of Missions sent Min. J. E. Jewett to revive the church. This he did. Mrs. O. H. Damon (nee Mrs. J. H. Lott) gave the lot and Mr. Jordon donated the brick. The building was erected and the congregation began work again with about twenty-five members.

The pastors who followed were M. P. Hayden, C. C. Rowlison, R. F. Thrapp, W. W. Sniff, S. E. Fisher, John R. Golden, and L. O. Lehman, who is the present minister.

The building has been much enlarged and modernized. The church has in its membership a superior class of Christian men and women.
Mt. Olivet (Paxton)
Organized 1857, by Marston Dudley; present membership, 84; value of property, $1,500; Bible school began 1860; present enrollment, 52.

This is the oldest church in Ford County and has contributed of its members to many other congregations. Jacob Straxer and wife, Marston Dudley and wife, and J. P. Botton and wife began this work. Besides Mr. Dudley, Rolla M. Martin and J. L. Canada ministered to the congregation in its early years. Mr. Botton was the Bible school superintendent fifty years ago and one of the most useful members. Elmer Higdon and Ernest Higdon were given to the ministry.
Present membership, 150; value of property, including parsonage, $7,000; Bible school enrollment, 160.

This church was formed in the seventies. It has given Glen Mills and Jay Bonham to the ministry.

Extracted 04 Feb 2019 by Norma Hass from History of the Disciples of Christ in Illinois 1819-1914, by Nathaniel S. Haynes, published in 1915, pages 200-201.

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