Queries - 1999

29 June 1999
Marnie Mastersonalmasterson@yahoo.com
ANDREWS: We are interested in finding out about Orville and Alice Andrews (nee Trigger), both of whom would have lived in Melvin in the 1890's. The Trigger family was from Loda (I think her father was Thomas Trigger, who immigrated from England). Any information you could find would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

4 Sep 1999
Torun S. Soknes torunss@online.no
ANDERSON: In connection with a thesis on female physicians of Norwegian origin in the U.S., I am hoping that someone might be able to establish the origin of one Martha Anderson for me. She graduated from the Northwestern University Woman's Medical College of Chicago in 1898, and she would at that time be at least 21 years of age. She is either born in Roberts, Ford County, or she only lived there while going to medical school. She died in December 1929, unknown where.

9 Aug 1999
Paul Deelman paul_deelman@bc.sympatico.ca
ANDERSON: Minna (Minnie) Olivia Anderson born 1880 Ford County, Paxton, Illinois. Father: John Beckstrom Anderson, emigrated from Sweden prior to 1880. Mother: Hannah Augusta Johnson. Minnie had numerous siblings most of which were born in Ford Co., Paxton, Illnois. I'm searching for any descendants of the above family. Minna O. Anderson married George Edward Frick in 1901, in Ford County, Paxton, Ill.



11 Jan 1999
Bill Schuetter BSCHUETTER@aol.com
BIEWER/BIEVER: My great-grandfather's name was Theodore BIEWER (BIEVER), born 1854 in Luxembourg, died May 23, 1923, in Chicago. I have a copy of a "Certificate of Filing (for Citizenship) Declaration," for a Theodore Biver, filed May 6, 1875, in Ford County. It is signed by the Clerk of the Circuit Court, John F.G. Helmer. (His subsequent Naturalization took place, per a copy of the Final Oath dated October 29, 1892, in Cook County.) I believe that this is my g-grandfather, but never knew of any Ford County connection. Can anyone help?


13 Dec 1998
k.c. leroy qayyoum@yournet.com
BLESCH: This family lived near Roberts, Lyman Twp, IL, in the 1870s thru 1900s, and are buried at Lyman Twp. Cemetary. Will exchange information.

12 Jan 1999
Betty H. Knowles re-bh@worldnet.att.net
BOAL: Information regarding Dr. Aaron John BOAL, possibly buried in Piper City. Wife Mary Ellen HALL, children, Alkvira Estelle,Delmar Alonzo, Lilly Ida Mae. He died on ll/28/1872 probably in Piper City. Mary Ellen ran a boarding house there after his death Appreciate any information regarding that family. I know that Alvira Estelle Boal was married to William Edgar BAKER in Piper City 4/7/1880 and I know all about the rest of the family but not my great grandfathers burial site.


19 June 1999
Barbara Breeden Jesseebjessee@jes.win.net
BREEDEN: I am looking for children of Odis Breeden who lived in Roberts, Ford Co., IL


15 Oct 1998
Shirley Buzick Stenberg Rcstnbrg@juno.com
BUZICK/BUSICK: Earl BUZICK, Sr. was married to a Maria, and they had 6 children all born in Roberts, IL. Their oldest son was named Earl Nelson Buzick Jr., born March 1873 and married Dora C. RHEEL (or, REEHL, or REIHL). Uncertainty of her maiden name spelling. Dora was born 2 Dec 1876 at Roberts, IL. We do not have their marriage date. Earl and Dora had six children with the oldest, Clyde Eustace Buzick, born 23 March 1897 at Roberts IL Going back to Earl Buzick, Sr. who was married to Maria and their other 6 children, all born at Roberts, IL: There was John, who married Alice but her maiden name also unknown. It is believed Alice's birthday was August 3, 1887, but not certain. Then, there was James, who married Myrtle (again maiden name not known). James and Myrtle had no children, and understand they lived at Melvin, IL. Another child of Earl and Maria was Mary, who married Stanley LEAK. It is believed that Stanley was born Jan 13, 1889. Their last know address was Sherman, IL. Next, there was Jesse, who married Oscar GRISAMORE and we understand Oscar worked for a railroad. Last was Flora Buzick, who married Fred RINGELSEN or RINGEISEN. Any information on descendants of this family welcomed.

11 Oct 1999
Maribeth Schmit-Fuchs Schmitfuch@aol.com
CALTEAUX/ CALTEUX/ CAILTEAUX/ COLTEUX/: surname of the Belgium/Luxembourg areas settling in IL. Seeking information on the following FORD co. surnames: JACOBS, Jos. who married Theresa COLTAX 1883 PILGRIM, Wm. who married CALTIUX, Anna 1871 COLTEAUX, Michael who married DICKEY, Mary 1889 COLTEAUX, John who married DECKER, Maggie 1887 The above marriages were found on the IL Statewide marriage Index.



20 July 1999
Terri Corlteecee@kcchiefsfan.com
CORNWELL: I am interested in any information anyone has on the Cornwell family that resided in Gibson City, Il. in the 1800's and 1900's. My Great-Grandfather Lewis Ballard Cornwell we believe was born in Gibson City and later moved to Barber County, Ks. His father was James Monroe Cornwell, who we believe lived in Gibson City, Il. and possibly died there.

20 Aug, 1999
Tim & Ronni Howardtrhoward@intertek.net
CROFT: CROFT, Abram; b. 1837, d. 1916 in Paxton, IL, Ford Co. Last address: 310 S. Cherry ST, Paxton, IL. Any information of him or the recent fire of the house appreciated.

23 Sep 1999
Sarah E Deckerheavenly1n@juno.com
DAVIS :Trying to locate more information on the William Davis md Phebe Bush Ross Co. Ohio 5-26-1826. Sometime before 1832 the moved to Boone co. Ohio where they had Archibald, Martin Van Buren, George W/ Nancy Jane, Cynthia A. and William B. Jr. By 1858 They were in Ford Co., Ill I believe Paxton where Archibold md Margaret Symathia Baty 18 Aug 1858, Martin Van Buren md Emily Francis Jones, 31 Aug 1867, George W. Md Emma Crutchen 9 Nov 1868, Nancy Jane Md Samuel C. Dale 27 Oct 1867, and Cynthia A md John D Eddy 8 Feb 1864. I would like to find information on Margaret S. Baty (Batey). I believe her father was John Baty. I would also like to find more info on Wm and Phebe Bush Davis. I know she went with the family when they moved on to Kansas as she was listed in the Jewell Co. census as living with the Dale family. I don't know if Wm died in Ford Co Ill, or somewhere along the trail, but I don't find in Kansas. I believe Wm was in Kentucky before Ohio.

31 Aug 1999
Jay W. Liedman genscan@tds.net
DAVIS: I am trying to trace the ancestry of Mary Ann DAVIS, who was born in Ohio in 1838. She was married on Sept. 13, 1859 in FORD county, IL to CASPAR PHELPS. The couple lived in BRENTON township in FORD County. They had a son THOMAS C. PHELPS born June 22, 1860. Mary Ann Phelps nee Davis died soon after Thomas' birth, and her husband Caspar died at Brenton on Nov. 10, 1864. Any information on the DAVIS or PHELPS (also spelled VOLPS) families, or suggestions will be appreciated.

29 Aug 1999
Adam DavisAdam-top@worldnet.att.net
DAVIS: I am looking for information on QUINN ALBERT DAVIS b 15/DEC/1870. He married EDNA LEE b 16/DEC/1881. This couple lived in rural Paxton. They had a son, CHARLES LEWIS DAVIS, who married Alice Watson in Paxton on May 9, 1923. This family may have resided in Stateline, Indiana at one time. There was also a daughter, Hattie.







31 Jan 1999
Roger Agartsson roger.agartsson@telia.com
EMANUELSSON: Looking for any help about this family: Anders EMANUELSSON born:10 Oct.1858 in Källeryd parish,Småland. married:2 April 1881 in Källerö,Småland. Justina Carolina JÖNSDOTTER born:25 June 1858 in Tofteryd parish,Småland. Left Sweden for Paxton,Illinois 8 April 1881. Thanks for any help.



11 Nov 1998
Sara Tamburrino badmedic@rollanet.org
FORD: Any information on my great-great grandfather, Alexander FORD, and his son (my great-grandfather), George FORD. The family immigrated from England in 1858. Their son Alexander (Jr.) had come sometime before and had settled in Ontario Canada, so they landed in New York City and then traveled to Ontario. They stayed there about a year and then settled in or near Paxton, Ford County, IL, where they stayed until about 1870. They sold their property and moved to Lawrence Co., MO. Everyone in the family except the young Alexander (Jr.) made this trip. Alexander's wife was Elizabeth MUCKLE and their children going with them were: Isabelle, Mary, Margaret Ann "Maggie", Elizabeth, John, Janie, Sarah "Sallie", George (my great grandfather) and Thomas. If anyone has any additional information about this family, especially during the time that they lived in Ford Co., IL I would be very interested in hearing from you.

13 Dec 1998
k.c. leroy qayyoum@yournet.com
FOSTER: This family lived near Roberts, Lyman Twp, IL, in the 1870s thru 1900s, and are buried at Lyman Twp. Cemetary. Will exchange information.




24 Oct 1999
Marilyn Schmitt mschmitt@columbus-ks.com
GASAWAY: Looking for information on Homer Harrison Gasaway who married Sarah Catherine Green on Dec 26, 1870 in Ford County Illinois. They had a daughter, Clara Belle, born July 26, 1874 in Illinois before coming to Kansas prior to 1878.


January 03, 1999
Clark Gray clarkgray@yahoo.com
GRAY: Looking for information on descendants of Rufus GRAY of Ford County, IL. Rufus Gray moved to Ford County in the late l800's or early l900's from Elliott County, Kentucky. His wife was a VANSANT (?) and had at least one son, James Madison Gray born in Kentucky, a WWI Veteran from Illinois. I believe Rufus and his wife divorced and he returned to Kentucky.







13 Sep 1999
Kaye Ogram kogram@gjhosp.org
HARVEY: Looking for information on Franklin MacVeagh HARVEY, born probably in the 1880's. Son of Eli HARVEY. Lived in Ford County for a period of time before relocating to St. Paul, MN. Eli was a relatively prominent man in Ford County, held many offices including Postmaster circa 1880. Am most interested in information on Franklin. Who did he marry, when?

19 Mar 1999
Janet Endris jsend@kiva.net
HAWKINS: Searching for anything on Samuel and Mary Martin HAWKINS who lived in Ford Co. 1885 - 1887. They had two daughters born there - Hallie b: Oct 25 1885 and Elizabeth b: ca 1887.



21 Jan 1999
Diane Evans evans@i-link-2.net
HILEMAN: I have found reference to an Isaac N. HILEMAN marrying Alice E. DYSERT on December 30, 1890 in Ford County. My great-great uncle, who grew up in McLean County, Ill. was named Isaac N. Hileman. I have no proof that these two are the same men...but I'm hopeful!


3 Dec 1998
Terasa pcuser@horizon.hit.net
HODGES: G-G-Grandfather Dewit C HODGES was born October 22, 1830 in New York (or possibly Kentucky). By 1854 Dewit is in Peoria County Illinois where on October 8, 1854 he marries Sarah HITCHCOCK who was born in Massachusetts circa 1832. They are not found on any records until 1880 when the family is living in Ford County Illinois with four out of their five living children.
William Clinton HODGES was born in 1856 in Kentucky. Robert DeFayer HODGES was born in 1858 in Marshall County, Illinois. Albert Ross and Alice May HODGES were born in 1861 in LaSalle County, Illinois Marietta ? HODGES was born circa 1865 in ? Illinois.
William Hodges married Nancy Rosella SULLIVAN in 1890 in Adair County Iowa. Robert Hodges married Nancy Jane WILSON in 1879 in Ford County, Illinois. Alice May Hodges married Andrew Jackson SULLIVAN in 1881 in Ford County, Illinois. Albert Ross Hodges married Sarah Jane MELLINGTON in 1883 in Ford County, Illinois. Marietta (or possibly Henrietta) Hodges married Zacariah BOND circa 1880 in Ford County, Illinois (supposedly not confirmed).The name William Hodges shows up a couple of more times in children of the five Hodges children which leads me to suspect that possibly Dewit's fathers name is William or maybe Clinton.If any of this looks possible please let me know. I would love to find out who Dewit's parents were and where they were from 1854 to 1880.

30 Oct 1998
Karen Holversonkrenh@baraboo.com
HOLVERSON: Peter William HOLVERSON b.3-12-1900 Melvin ,Ill.d. 1976 Ford Co. Nursing Home, Paxton, Ill. Parents: Peter HOLVERSON b. Norway d.1931, Melvin Ill. and Ellen SERENA b. Norway d. 1935 Roberts.Ill. Peter married Dec. 12,1920 Ethel Eunice STORY b. 6-14-1902, Flora,Ill. d. 4-3-1991 Rantoul ,Ill Her parents : William Henry STORY Missouri ,Ill. and Nellie Belle LIBKE d. 1905 at age 33 Champaign Co.,Ill. Near Savoy.

22 Mar 1999
William A. Hoppel whoppel@ccsalpha2.nrl.navy.mil
HOPPLE: According to Illinois Public Domain Land Sales records a Samuel HOPPLE bought two parcels of land in Ford Co., IL on 9/20/1875 (from railroad?) described as Township 24N; Range: 08E and 09E (Sections 24 & 4). This could well be a lost relative of mine by the same name who was born in PA and was in LaSalle Co. IL at the time of the 1860 census. I have not found Samuel in any later census records. I would appreciate any information on the Samuel Hopple who apparently lived in Ford County about 1875.

12 Jan 1999
Marcia Larson mlarso36@cybertrails.com
HYDE: Looking for Ephriam (Ephrem) HYDE, b. 1835 in Richmond VA or IN. Ephriam m. Sara WAINSCOTT 1903. Ephriam supposedly had several brothers also from this area.. names unknown. Ephriam was the father of my grandfather Harvey HYDE b. 1879 m. Susan Florence RICE. both Harvey and Susan HYDE are buried in the Glen cemetary in Paxton. Any information regarding this family would be appreciated.



19 Nov 1998
Chantel & BJ Littleton shantel@pacifier.com
JOHNSON: Looking for any information on my g-grandmother and her family. Etta Marie JOHNSON b. 25 July1887 in Piper City, IL m. Walter Isaac GEISLER date unknown d. 14 July1972 in Nora Springs, Iowa Etta's parents were Lucas D. JOHNSON and Sarah GREENE.



21 May 1999
Steve Cumbie rainbo@flash.net
KARR: Looking for information on Delbert Geroge Karr he was born Jan.17,1919 in Paxton,Ill. in Ford County on a farm about 5 miles east of town.He had only 1 brother named Allen who lived in town.His dads name was Walter Karr. They Homestead the farm in 1864. The farm was sold in the early 1980's.




6 Nov 1999
Melinda Walters melinda.j.walters@worldnet.att.net
LAMB: I am looking for information on the LAMB and Edwards families. James Edwards owned a mortuary/furniture store possibly called Lamb's in or around Gibson City or Elliot. The families are related but I am unsure how. I do know that James Edwards had a daughter named Mary Alice Enda (Alice) Edwards. She married William E. McDowell. The names I have for the LAMB's are Elijah Shurnway (sp. ?) LAMB who married Lucky S., they had a son Wallace Shurnway (sp. ?) Lamb.



LEE - See DAVIS also see McHALEY

23 Jan 2000
Kathy S. schzhanik@aol.com
LEWIS : Looking for information on the James H. LEWIS family that moved from Frankfort, Herkimer County, NY to Piper City, Ford County, IL in late 1860s or early 1870s. Wife was Mary Elizabeth (STEWART) Lewis. Four children: Henry L. LEWIS, b. July 24, 1859 in NY; Carrie Elizabeth LEWIS, b. December 23, 1862 in NY; Frank A. LEWIS, b.September 1, 1873 in Piper City, IL; and Edna May LEWIS, b. January 1, 1879 in Piper City, IL. The family appears on the 1880 federa; census of inhabitants of Piper City, Town of Brenton, in the County of Ford, State of Illinois. They moved to Fremont, Nebraska in the early 1900s. Would also appreciate sources for history of Piper City. A Piper was also living in upper state New York at the time my LEWIS-STEWART ancestors were. Is there any connection between these Piper's and those for whom Piper City was named?


30 Oct 1999
George H. McHaley geomch@southwind.net
McHALEY: Seeking info on 4 ancestors who were married in Ford County Mary Jane McHaley married Ralph Hedges 04/04/1882 David McHaley married Dollie E. Lee 03/17/1888 Cora McHaley married Joseph F. Kerr Jr. 05/07/1894 Lizzie V. McHaley married Charles I. Jones 12/24/1889 Information on how these McHaley's were related would be appreciated. David was the son of Henry and Anna ( Annie ) Jones from North Carolina. Anna later migrated to Kansas but without Henry. I am looking for a possible death record in Ford County.

McKINNIE - See MORSE below

6 July 1999
Larry or Christy Martincalm3@papadocs.com
MARTIN: Looking for any information on John Martin b1849 who married Margaret Ann Gray b 1858, and raised 13 children SW of Gibson City IL.

MARTIN - See MORSE below; Also See HAWKINS

MASSY - See MOSSMAN below.


10 Sep 1999
R and L Knapp princeigor@citlink.net
MEANS: My grandfather, OAKLEY CLUTE MEANS, was born 10/16/1890 and married to JULIA FLUTEY MEANS. They lived in Gibson City and their daughter (my mother) was MARION CAROL MEANS KRONSBEIN. I would like to find out any information regarding Oakley's parents and/or siblings and wedding and divorce dates of Oakley and Julia.


15 May 1999
Robert Pierre Roach Roachrpr@aol.com
MOSSMAN: Willis Christopher MOSSMAN m. Jenny TURNER at Kankakee on 16 September 1891. Both were living at Cabery at the time. Their parents: James MOSSMAN and Ann MASSY; Leon T. TURNER and Martha A. LEAR may have been living at Cabery at the time. Any information would be appreciated.

14 Dec 1998
MORSE: Searching for Joe and Annie HANKS MORSE information. They lived in Paxton Illinois, and were living there in 1876. Annie had at least one brother, named Milo HANKS. The children of Joe and Annie Hanks Morse are: 1) Nina Morse b. 1876 at Paxton, Ill. died 1955 married William BLACHFORD in South Dakota 2)George Morse b 1878 died Oct 1900 Glendive Mt. 3) Austin Morse married Loretta GALLIGER, at least 1 son born 1918. 4) Pearl Morse NELSON McKINNEY MARTIN. 1 daughter , Lydia NELSON. Either Joe or Annie was related to ? WARREN from Illinois who fought in the Civil War.


8 Aug 1999
Danielle BowenStarlght75@aol.com
MURPHY: I was looking for any information on Dora Belle (Trusler) Murphy and William Murphy. They are on the 1910 Census for Livingston, Co., but I can't find anything else on them. Dora Belle was born in 1886 to Sarah Belle ( Ingram) Trusler and William Trusler. William Murphy was born in 1879. They both died in Cabery and are supposed to be buried in a cemetery there.



2 Aug 1999
Debbe A. Hagnerdhagner@attglobal.net
OLSEN: Christian OLSON and Ingeborg MATTHIASDOTTER and their son Olaus CHRISTIANSON. They lived in Farmerville which is part of Patton Township or near Paxton.




28 Oct 1999
Donna Livasy4@aol.com
PHILLIPS: Searching for the family of Mary Elizabeth PHILLIPS who married Geralgust FISHEL in 1879 in Ford Co., all of Patton Twp. Her Parents are Wm. and Mary (SNYDER) PHILLIPS, brothers most likely, Geo., C., and Ullyses S. PHILLIPS. Possible relationship to Ola NELSON who married Cordelia PHILLIPS in Ford Co. in 1887. Actually need an 1880 census lookup to find Geralgust (26) and Mary E. (21) FISHEL. in Patton Twp.

17 Sep 1999
Bill Boylebboyle@NMSU.Edu
PHILLIPS: Mary Elizabeth PHILLIPS was born in Paxton, IL in 1868 to James R. PHILLIPS and Denisa HENDERSON. Mary Elizabeth married Jacob Henry FRANCE ca. 1887/8 in this area. I am trying to locate a copy of the marriage record.



29 Jan 2000
Patricia Pope Matson BHoef@aol.com
POPE: Looking for information on the Pope Family who came to IL in 1856. The 1860 Census shows the closest Post Office as being Onarga in Ford County. The family remained until 1882. The 3 Pope brothers married 3 Carpenter sisters (who arrived circa 1867). Looking for any information on the Pope and Carpenter Families.

X 20 Oct 1998
Verna M. Clark vmclark@vcn.com
PORTERFIELD: My g grandfather Samuel PORTERFIELD (born in PA in 1832) was killed in a house raising accident in Paxton, IL. His death probably occurred sometime after 1861. He married Mary E. BROWN in 1853 (probably in PA) where there 3 children were born. James in 1855, Ida Jane in 1858 and Emma Rebecca in 1861. I have no idea what he was doing in Paxton at that time--possibly they lived there. I know the children were very young when he was killed. I have been unable to find where he is buried or anything about his death except what my grandmother told me many years ago. I am hoping someone can help me. I seem to have reached a dead end.

15 Oct 1998
Shirley Buzick Stenberg Rcstnbrg@juno.com
/REEHL/RIEHL: Dora C. Rheel (or. Reehl, or Riehl), who married Earl Nelson Buzick, Sr. had 5 siblings including Lade, who married Jesse KEEFE, and they lived at Piper City. Lade and Jesse had a son, Wendell Keefe, born in about 1917, and married a June (maiden name unknown). Wendell died in a car accident. Then, there was Harry, who married Minnie (maiden name unknown). Harry was Sheriff at Paxton. They had 2 children, Harry Jr. and Lucille, who married a Pat PATTERSON. Next is William "Bill", whose birth date was believed in Oct.1878. Another child was Elmer. Unknown if either William or Elmer were married. And lastly, there's a boy whose name is unknown. The above names may not be in proper sequence of when born. Any information on this family is welcome.



13 Dec 1998
k.c. leroy qayyoum@yournet.com
RUEDGER: This family lived near Roberts, Lyman Twp, IL, in the 1870s thru 1900s, and are buried at Lyman Twp. Cemetary. Will exchange information.

1 July 1999
RUNDLE: I am searching for information and/or descendants of Abraham and Mary A. Wilson Rundle who resided in the village of Loda. Abraham was born in 1833 in England and died in Loda after 1900. Mary A. Wilson Rundle was born in New York in 1843, and was living in Loda as late as August, 1927. The parents of Mary were John Christopher Wilson and Myra Pittam, both of England. Mary was a sister to my great-grandmother. A daughter of Abraham and Mary married a Mitchell, probably Ora, about 1891. Thanks for any assistance you are able to provide.

13 May 1999
Gary B. Bondahlgbondahl@gbondahl.seanet.com
SAGE: Florence Della SAGE b. 1858, Vinton Co. Ohio and d. 1932, Linn Co., Oregon. She married: Marmiter Joseph DOVE in 1878, Ford County, IL.

25 Oct 1998
Edward Berreth edjudy@clearwater.net
SCHLOEDER/SCHLADER: I have some relatives who cames from Germany into Ford Co. in the late 1860s. Thier name was Johannes SCHLOEDER, the last name changing to SCHLADER when they entered the US. Since I know very little about their early years in the US, I am interested in any information anyone would have concerning this family. Thank you, Emily Schlader Chapman, Weippe, ID 83553.


2 Nov 1999
MaryLynne R. Ellis perkinsellis@yahoo.com
SHILTZ: Have located a photograph of Jane Shiltz of Melvin, IL--written on back "grandmother went to Ill when she was 16 yrs old from Pittsburg Penn. to raise her half brothers children.

20 Mar 1999
Donn Cutler cutlergen@midco.net
SNYDER: I am looking for documentation regarding the birth of Grace Airel SNYDER in Melvin, Ford Co., IL on 16 Oct 1897. She was the daughter of Harve Dillion SNYDER and Anna S ENGER. If you have any information on this family, I would appreciate your help.

29 Dec 1998
Farnell Vaughn fychan@webtv.net
SNYDER: Can anyone tell me when and where Napoleon SNYDER who was in the 4th Ill Cav Co l and later Capt. of Co D 1st Miss. Mounted Rifles. Where is he buried and when did he die, in Ford Co. He lived in Cheny Grove, Mclean Co and Tazewell Co. prior to coming to Ford Co.



30 Dec 1998
Dave Needham needham@inwave.com
STEWART: I am seeking info on the family of Winslow STEWART, b. 1839 in IL. He married Fanny NEEDHAM, b. 1842 in PA. Their daughter Maud Anna Stewart was born Aug 2, 1881 in Cabery, Ford Co., IL, and died June 6, 1962 in Griswold, Iowa. Maud married Joel STOVER.Thank you.



13 July 1999
Michael Strunk jvanloo@ibm.net
STRUNK: Looking for birth records on my grandfather Maurice Clair STRUNK D.O.B. 12/31/16 Gibson City, IL.




3 Sep 1999
Kim Christensen ChristK@maplewoods.cc.mo.us
TROUGHTON: I am interested in finding out information about JW TROUGHTON. He married Ida Tederstrom in 1893. I don't know what happened to him, but Ida married again in 1897. In 1893 JW TROUGHTON lived in Paxton, IL and was a carpenter.






14 June 1999
VARNER:My great grandparents, Henry and Etoile Varner show up in the 1870 census in Vermilion County, Illinois. Etoile shows up on the death records in Ford County in 1930. Henry shows up dead in 1940 in Vermilion County Records. Oral history says they had a farm just west of Paxton during the years between 1870 and 1930. Etoile and Henry were living on the farm when she died. Henry only farmed a couple of more years before he moved to a house in Danville where he died in 1940. The 1870 census shows Henry b. abt 1864, his sister Marjorie J. b. abt 1866. Their father Robert and their mother Eliza(beth) were born in Ireland abt 1831, possibly February 1830, and abt 1837, respectively.


2 Mar 1999
James Munson launch2000@webtv.net
WADE: We are looking for Robert Keller WADE who lived in Paxton 1920-1940 and is now deceased.


13 Sep 1999
Kaye Ogram kogram@gjhosp.org
WALDON: Need information on Samuel Middleton WALDON, born in 1887. I know he spent many years in Sibley and Gibson City before relocating to the Chicago area. Father Jeremiah WALDON was born in McLean County. What was his mother's name? Mother and father are buried in the cemetery in Drummer Township. Sam's brother Luke married a Delia RAMEY and managed a business in Ford County.

21 Oct 1998
Shirley,J. Hansen shirleysplace@bigplanet.com
WALLACE: John WALLACE b.1810 in Va. moved from .indiana to Vermilion Co abt.1844. I find him in Ford Co. Drummer Twsp. in 1860. In 1863 his daughter Catherine marr. Samuel TODD's son Francis. John WALLACE and his wife Julia Ann are buried in Dix twsp. in a cem. known by three names Wallace, Jones and Oregon. What I am Looking for is Land or church records that might mention the co,s of birth or names of parents , Samuel Todd was born in Tenn. abt. 1812. His wife was Sarah Nancy HANKS b. abt.1812 in Ohio. In 1869 Samual and his Family moved to Kansas he sold his land in Ford Co. Ill. but , does not show up in Kansas in 1870 with the rest of the Family, Did he die in Ford Co?


27 Aug 1999
Pat Ellispellis@kc.rr.com
WHORRALL: This family lived in Ford County near Roberts, Lyman Twp, IL, in the 1870s thru 1900s, and are buried at Lyman Twp. Cemetary. Will exchange information.

13 Mar 1999
George Mustain GeorgeMustain@webtv.net
WILSON: Seeking data on George C. WILSON, b: 8/22/1817 Gibson City, Illinois d: unk, m: 9/9/1841 Margaret Jane TAGGART, b: 10/16/1821, d: 3/18/1887 Bloomington, Illinois. George was a Baptist preacher. It is believed this family migrated from the United Kingdon, Pennsylvania, Ohio, then Illinois.

10 Dec 1998
Joan Stephens Joans@ironwood.com
WILSON: Robert C WILSON., b April 4, 1824 in PA, d April 1885 in ?. Married Julia Ann DUNN on April 10, 1867 in Brenton Twp, Ford County, IL at a Presbyterian Church. Six children born in Piper City, IL area. William Joseph, b January 22, 1868; Robert Lee, b May 19, 1870; Lillian May b February 6, 1872; Mary Elen b December 17, 1874; James Albert b November 28, 1876; Harvey Elmer b August 2, 1879. If you have any information about these WILSON'S (WILLSON), please contact me



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